Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Happy birthday, dear Papa Dave

Happy House superhero Papa Dave was the man of the moment yesterday when the family gathered to give him a surprise birthday party.
After three weeks away in the UK with Mama, Papa was totally unsuspecting when he drove in through the gates to a chorus of kids singing "Happy Birthday dear Papa Dave".

 Mama had plotted with her team to arrange the party before she left, and it was the furthest thing from Papa's mind.

Affter greeting the kids it was in to the banda for songs, dancing, a catwalk show and treats incliding, biscuits, mango and., of course, cake.
Mama Sue spoke from the heart when wishing Papa the happiest of birthdays. His love, devotion and humour has been her anchor in every storm she has weathered.
He has has followed her dream and helped to make it a reality.
Papa, who we all know is a big softie at heart, was overcome with emotion when he thanked everyone for being at his party, even though he hadn't invited anyone!
And the told the kids just how much they mean to him and Mama.
"We love every one of you, " he said.
It was a lovely party, with master of ceremonies Samson doing an excellent job, and another special day for Papa to store away in his memory box.
Who wants cake? And that''s just a few of them
Happy Birthday, Papa Dave, we wish you many, many, more.