Monday, 18 April 2016

It's a pizza cake!

 Esther and Phillis, our two cooks, are a great team and keen to try out new dishes to tickle the tastebuds of our family.
Cooking Kenya staples - rice and beans, ugali and sukums wiki - are second nature to them, but Mama Sue is keen to widen their repertoire and to give the children a chance to taste different foods.
She has taught them how to make shepherd's pie, which the kids love, spaghetti with a rich tomato sauce, curry and much more.
On Saturday, we made our first venture into pizza - making enough to give everyone a slice to try.
They had made the dough for the bases on Friday so we would be ready to make an early start and with all the ingredients for the tomato topping were chopped and cooking by the time Mama, Papa and Auntie Libby arrived.
With the help of two members of staff from school, they soon got going.
The wood burning oven was ablaze and waiting.
A production line  was soon underway -rolling bases, topping, mozzarella (locally made and delicious) and into the oven on specially made pizza spades...
After a hitch when the first one refused to slide off the brand new spade and into the oven, everything went smoothly and by 11.30, there were 13 pizzas sliced into even portions by Papa, ready to taste.
They were a huge hit with kid, teachers and staff all tucking in and every hand went up when Mama asked if they would like to have it again.
There was a big round of applause for Esther, Phillis and team for making pizza that would make an Italian proud!
Well gone girls.