Sunday, 10 April 2016

New skill clicks into place by Rukia

 Mama is alwaus keen for our kids to learn new skills and learn much more than is standard on the Kenya curriculum.
Volunteer Gussy Bunbury has been giving the kids an introduction to photography, and how they love it. As Rukia tells us:
Hi, my name is Rukia and I am 11 years old, I am in class 6 at Happy House School.
First I didn’t know how to use a camera ut nowb Aunty Gussy has come and she has taught me a lot.
She took us out of the classroom and divided us into 4 main groups. To each group she gave a camera.
Then later she showed us where to click if  we wanted to take a photograph.
 We did as she said and tried to click the button, I took  many photos with my friends and many more things that I wished to photograph. 
I am really happy because until thenI never knew how to use the camera but practice makes perfect.
 Later she had a look at all the photos we had taken and she said that they were all good.
Thank you Aunty Gussy