Monday, 11 April 2016

Uncle Ronnie returns and Results review

 There  was great excitement on Saturday when Uncle Ronnie came to visit,
Ronald, who left his job as our assistant social worker a couple of months ago when his uncle offered to fund his degree studies at university, popped in to say hello.
Ronnie is really missing everyone at Happy House as much as we are missing him.
He had a long chat with Mama, Papa, Uncle Billy and Auntie Libz and spent lots of time catching up with his little friends and meeting the kids who have come to us since he left.
Ronnie is working hard at his studies aiming to complete his degree in two years, and says his experience with our family has helped him immensely.
It was lovely to see you Ronnie, come back and visit again soon.

Results review

Many of you who sponsor our kids will already have received your child's most recent exam results.
Auntie Velma and Auntie Jessica are busy sending them out.
And you will know from the marks that classes in Happy House School are highly competitive - and subject marks mean much more than their position in class.
Mama goes through marks and reports with all the Happy House kids, those who have now been reunited with relatives but who are still coming in to school and with the 67 scholarship kids.
She talks with each one individually, motivating and encouraging them just as any mum with her child.
It's a big job but one that she and Uncle Billy enjoy. It is so very important to boost confidence and to inspire.