Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Mama's magic unites tragic family

The lives of young mum Fatuma and her four children have,  been transformed thanks to Mama Sue and her Happy House.
Fatuma now has a job, a home and, most important of all, her four children living with her..
The family was separated in 2015 when Sanita,now 12, Salama,8,, Amina,7, and Steve ,4,were brought into our care because she was unable to provide for them.
The family was living in an old chicken coop, sleeping on cardboard.
Her husband, who had been the breadwinner of the family, died after a dog bite resulted in serious complications.
He was buried in his ancestral homeland but as his wife had not married with a dowry she and her children were sent away.
Since that time she had been struggling, depending on help from anyone who would provide it.
This was far from enough and all the family were suffering. The kids had not been to school and Sanita was often left to look after her younger siblings whilst her mum was out looking for work.
When the children joined our family,  it was a huge wrench for them and Fatuma was able to see her kids whilst trying to rebuild her life and they went home on short visits in the holidays   even if it meant going back to the most basic of living.
After seeing them together at home, Mama.offered Fatuma work as a cleaner.
And again, after hearing how she was getting up at the crack of dawn, to walk a long distance to work,,Mama stepped in to help.
She helped her to get the deposit on a room for her and her children a short distance away in Timboni..
She has given them mattresses to sleep on and a few other bits to make their room a home.
The family are now all together again, the children, who are sponsored, are coming in to school every day and their mum is the jolliest, most industrious cleaner we have ever had.
As she speaks very little English, Sanita is teaching her.
She is also teaching her mum to read and write.
Mama says it took very little to make this family complete, but for Fatuma and the kids it is everything..
They are the happiest little family unit, united in love, by love
Fatuma says she will never be able to thank Mama enough for what she has done  for them,  but for Mama the reward is seeing them reunited. 
Yet another illustration of our Happy House magic at work.