Thursday, 21 April 2016

Stationery stitch up and fun times

 Good friends in the UK have our kids' pencils all stitched up
Pencils are a key resource and, as with all their belongings, Mama insists the children treat them with care and look after them properly.
And having a pencil case makes it so much easier.
So Mama asked Auntie Libz if she knew of anyone who could make drawstring pencil cases, and she found just the right people enlisting the help of Caroline Bramhall's Grace and Favour and the Sewing Sanctuary at Thornton and another good friend of our kids, Barbara Hall, from Blackpool, who just loves sewing.
Between them they have made enough pencil cases for every Happy House kid .
And to the children's delight they were given out at Kidz Club.
Now kids there will be no excuses for lost pencils!
Huge thanks to Barbara and to Caroline Bramhall, who is in Victoria's sponsor family, and her mum Val and Val's grandson who also helped.

Swotting up

Everywhere you go at Happy house kids are swotting up on their tables.
On Monday, they were each given a sheet of multiplication tables ahead of a fun morning of Times Tables tomorrow.
They are all trying their hardest and you spot them on their own or in groups chanting their tables.
Little Brian was straight into Mama's office yesterday to recite his two times table and Rosie too.
They are all embracing Mama's challenge and looking forward to being put to the test tomorrow.