Friday, 8 April 2016

Injured mum comes to visit

 A single mum released from hospital after being treated for serious injuries came straight to Happy House to be reunited with her children.
Alphan and Esther were brought to Happy House a month ago after their mum was involved in a road accident in Watamu having left them in their one room home whilst she went to work with a neighbour to mind them.
She was on the back of a motorbike taxi when it was in collison with a car and she was thrown off.
When she came to see them she brought her x-rays for Mama which show a fractured pelvis, which she was told to go home and rest while it healed.
Without the means to pay here,. there is no treatment.
Mama was able to give her some advice, a walking stick and paracetamol to give her some relief from pain.
She was thrilled to see her kids happy and well cared for in their temporary home.
It was obvious that she cares very deeply for Esther, five, and Alphan, four.
The children have a loving home at Happy House for as long as they need it and their mum can visit whenever she is able to.until they can all be together again.