Saturday, 9 April 2016

Undercover gang and thanks to Italian friends

Meet the undercover kids!
Auntie Libby had lots of fun taking this picture of some of our kids with their arms full of undies.
The girls ganged up, in fits of giggles, trying to boys to hold the pink and frilly ones, but they stood firm and were having none of it..
Knickers, underpants and socks were all donated by members of St Annes Inner Wheel Club who added them to their shopping lists at Christmas.
They had given them to Auntie Libby to bring out with her and of course we like to make sure that they arrived along with some of the happy recipients.
The undies have been added to our store and will be handed out as and when they are needed.
Thank you to all the ladies who donated.
Picture: Back row (from left): Natasha, Neema and Harrison; front row: Lucky, Abu and Rose.

Thank you friends from Italy

Many thanks to our friends from Italy who raised 2000 euro for Happy House with a fundraising dinner organised by Laura Astori and Daniela Bonassi in Rovato.
They received help and support from another good friend Susanna Gregorio who had the pleasure of handing over the proceeds to Mama and Papa this week.
Our thanks to everyone who helped and supported the event in any way.
You are helping Happy House to change more children's lives.