Wednesday, 6 April 2016

School's out for the holidays

 The school bell signalled the end of a busy term for our Happy House school, yesterday.
And after weeks of hard work it was time to celebrate success and to showcase the children's talents - from Baby Class through to Secondary School - with performances by each class for parents, guardians and guests at a Closing Day ceremony.
Scouts raised the flag and led the National Athem to start the proceedings which followed witha  series of songs, poems and dance.
They illustrated how much the children have learnt, emphasised the importance of education, the responsibility of teachers in inspiring children and the need for parents and guardians to be actively involved in encouraging their children in all aspects of life.
In her address Mama Sue thanked the children and teachers for a lovely morning and thanks parents and guardians for their involvement and asked them to continue encouraging and supporting their children to strive to do their best and perform well.
She said it was a responsibility she and Papa shared as they had almost 60 Happy House kids in school.
Plus there were 60 children on free place scholarships in the school with everything they needed to learn provided for them,. This came at a very high cost and she urged parents and guardians to help by buying shoes if they could.
She warned that places were conditional on performance and that if a student failed to do their best the place would be reviewed.
Mama also told of how she and Papa had been to England on a fundraising mission working with UK coordinator Elizabeth and that they were desperate to raise more sponsors for the scholarship children.
Children and classes who had performed well this term or made the most improvements were awarded with certificates and trophies.
The morning ended with prayers, before children and relatives collected their reports from teachers.
It was a happy morning and the children have the rest of this week at home before returning for Holiday Club for two weeks from Monday. The new term starts on May 3.