Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Birthday is a piece of cake and calling in to kidz club

There was an impromptu party for our kindergarten kids when a friend called to celebrate his birthday with them.
Guri, who works in international marketing at Garoda Resort, Watamu, is a friend of Daniela Bonassi who is in Peninah's sponsor family.
Guri said that on previous visits, the Happy House had captured his heart and he wanted to share his 28th birthday with the kids.
He brought a lovely cake which Peninah helped to cut, and each child enjoyed a piece after they had sung Happy Birthday to Guri.
Guri came with another friend Simone, who took pictures to capture the special moments.
Thank you Guri for coming to see us, we look forward to seeing you again soon and Happy Birthday.

Welcome to our Happy House

There were lots of visitors at KIdz Club yesterday. 
Auntie DawnHeather White and Auntie Linda Newman came along for the second week of their current stay in Watamu and brought with them Linda's friends Joan and Teresa.
More of our friends from Italy came too - Max Zeuli, who with his wife Francesa, is in Abu's sponsor family and Andrea Coppola whose parents sponsor Abu's sister, Sudi.
The kids did lots of singing for our guests,  and Samson stepped into the role of Joseph with a fantastic performance of Any Dream Will Do, backed by a chorus of kids.
It was a lovely way to ring to an end a very busy day.