Thursday, 7 April 2016

Time for a treat

 As we all know Mama likes to spring surprises, and this time it was her Happy House kids who were in for a treat.
While she had been in the UK, she had met some of of children's friends and sponsors who had asked her to bring gifts back home with them for their child.
She thought this time it would be nice for all the children to have a little present.
So after explaining to the kids she said she and Papa and Auntie Libby were so happy to be home with them that everyone was going to get a treat.
Many of the items had come in parcels sent from Northern ireland by Auntie Dawn Heather White and her colleagues at Christmas, and she just happened to be at Kidz Club with another of our good friends, Linda Newman, they helped to distribute gift bags to everyone.
There was great excitement as the kids showed each other what was in their bag and lots and lots of happy smiles.
One young lady, Keziah, was on the receiving end of two gifts as it is her birthday this week.
Keziah and Mama
Happy birthday Keziah and thank you to Mama, Papa and all the sponsors who sent gifts for their children.