Friday, 22 April 2016

Neckers from Lancashire on parade

Our Happy House scouts are looking the part after being given neckers from Lancashire.
Preston District Scouts are doing their bit to support Scouting in Kenya by donating a colelction of neckers to Happy House.
Our UK coordinator Auntie Libby met Lesley Thomas, district commission for Preston District Scouts, at a recent event and told her about our school's scout group.
She told her how they are taught to parade and raise both the Union and the Kenya flags every Monday at assembly and bring them down on Friday.
Libby said they would be proud to wear neckers and Preston District very kindly organised a collection of neckers from different groups for Libby to bring out to Happy House.
Lesley handed them over to Mama Sue and Libby at our recent coffee morning in Poulton.
Lesley said: "The least we can do is to send over some neckers to raise the esteem of these eager children and make them feel more like Scouts."
Now they have been handed over to our scouts who only needed showing once how to fold them,.
And how smart and how proud they look!