Sunday, 29 May 2016

Our recreation room, by Baraka

 The older children at Happy House have a recreation room where they can chill out, listen to music and play games.
It's off limits to their little brothers and sisters who have loads of space to play.
Salama and Samson
Mama, who thinks of everything, wanted the big kids to have their own space.
And she also thought it would be where they could make best use of the  board games etc that have been so kindly donated.
Today Baraka, who is a member of the Kidz Council, writes:
"We are are very happy to have the recreation room. 
We would like to thank those who sent the things that we have in our recreation room - we have darts, playing cards, Wii, Playstation and DVDs.
We like to use the room for recreation and also for doing our homework.
We would like to thank Mama Sue for the television she brought from her house, and for the workers she sent to paint the room. It looks smart and we all love it.
It is just for the kids who are aged nine and above.
We really love that room and want to thank Mama Sue because if it was not for her we would not have our recreation room.
So thank you to our lovely Mama Sue and to all of you.
From Baraka Mkutano, sent with love."