Friday, 27 May 2016

Feeling our magic

Volunteer Gussy Bunbury is feeling the Happy House magic.
She writes: 
Although I have worked in schools all over the world, I have never before had the opportunity to work somewhere quite as special as Happy House.
 When I first arrived here, I wouldn’t have thought that these were children who had  come from so very little; their smiling faces and the roaring laughter you hear throughout the buildings were telling me otherwise. 
Mama Sue and Papa Dave have truly created something magical here. Every child, teacher, volunteer and visitor  cannot help but have a little bit of that magic rubbed off onto them
I have for sure.
When the children returned from Easter Break, they were excited to get back into their photography lessons, nearly as much was I am to be teaching them again. 
There is something so rewarding about teaching a child a skill and seeing their excitement at the prospect of doing something new; and the results have been fabulous. 
The children are getting to grips with the workings of a camera and are also learning about the editing side of photography. 
Focusing mainly on portraiture, their favourite subject matter, I now have a collection of stunning photographs which  each week seem to be getting better and better. 
I can see the children starting to build in confidence not just in front of the camera but also behind it, as they experiment more and more  with the composition and style of their photographs
Every child should be proud of what they have achieved in such little time