Thursday, 12 May 2016

Their good health is our joy

Their tragic start behind them,  Ludwin and Lesley are on the road to a happy, healthy, childhood.
The sister and brother were in a terrible state when they joined our family in February 2015 having been abandoned by their mum who had suffered a mental and physical breakdown,
Ludiwn, who will two in June, and Lesley, four, were both very poorly children and have needed regular visits to the clinic and have often required medication.
But now, theres every reason to celebrate as Ludiwn has been given a clean bill of health and discharged by the clinic.
Lesley is also in good health but will have to go back in a few weeks , hopefully for the last time as he, too, is making such good progress.
The difference in these two children is just amazing. Without the Happy House, and its magic, it is almost certain that they would not have survived.
But they have overcome the odds, and to see Ludwin engrossed in doing a doll''s hair and Lesley, who was so so withdrawn, wanting to show off  with a coconut shell on his head just melts our hearts.
We are overjoyed with their progress, and grateful to every one of you who supports what we do.
Your donations save lives.
It costs £20 a month, that's approx 65p a day, to sponsor a Happy House child and change a life.
If you would like to sponsor a child please email: