Monday, 23 May 2016

Celebration of life with love and laughter

May 20 is an important day on the Happy House calendar as it is on this day we hold our annual Celebration of Life.
To Mama Sue, who instigated this special day, it is an emotional occasion as it marks the anniversary of her beloved father, Harold Hayes. He was, and is, a driving force in her life and his sudden death in 1999 that put her on the road that was to lead to the Happy House.
She was so distraught at her loss, that Papa Dave fearing for her health suggested a holiday which took them to Kenya in early 2000.
 The rest is, as they say, history.
As almost everyone in our Happy House family, however young, has experienced the loss of a loved one, Mama thought it important for the children to know they can celebrate their memory with love and laughter and to celebrate all they have in their own lives too.
Mama Sue told them how her dad had left a lasting influence on her own life, and how she celebrated her own life too - with thanks to Dr Danwata, the consultant oncologist, a man from humble beginnings,  who saved her life and in whose honour she named the Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme,
And this year was a celebration indeed, with every child taking part.
There were inspirational displays of talent, from song and dance, to acrobatics and drumming.
The colour, vibrance and pure joy of those taking part was a true dedication to the memory of those they loved who are no longer with them
It was also a chance to say thank you to the woman whose vision has brought them the blessings, happiness and education they have today - Mama Sue.
And the children did it in their own way.
The afternoon ended with juice and biscuits.