Thursday, 26 May 2016

Hoping for a future together

There was a joy when two little ones were reunited with their mum.
They were back together, happy and well.
Lesley and Ludwin were so poorly when they came to us 15 months ago. 
Their mum, Esther, totally defeated by her own circumstances had suffered a mental and physical breakdown and abandoned them overnight.
Already suffering physical ill health,  she had been left both broke and heartbroken when her husband left them taking with him their two older children and leaving her who the two youngest.
She had nothing and the vital medical care her children needed was beyond her means.
While Lesley and Ludwin have been in our safe care and restored to full health, Esther has taken great strides in  getting well and turning her own life around with the aim of giving her children a loving home again.
The first steps towards this are now being taken, and if Mama, Uncle Billy and the children's department are happy she can give them a stable home,  we will enable this to happen. Lesley and Ludwin would remain in our family with free places in our school plus books, uniforms, shoes, meals and medical care. This way we can help them as a family, but also keep a watchful eye on their progress.
Providing education is a lifeline to lone parents like Esther.
That she loves her children is not in doubt, and to see her children's faces light up when they saw her tells us how much they love her too,.