Monday, 9 May 2016

Plane sailing

 Charo our joiner has an incredibly busy workshop upstairs at Happy House.
It's been so busy that we have taken on another joiner to work with him, Plus we have a third who work on an ad hoc basis.
Charo at work
They can turn their hands to anything and among the furniture they have made are dining tables and benches for home and school, beds, desks, cupboards and most recently, stools for the science laboratory,.
They had already fitted out the lab, and have added new shelves to the school library, 
There is still much more to do as much of the furniture, secondhand when it was shipped out six years ago, is now in need of replacement,.
They still has to make.more desks and beds and we are also coming up to needing chairs to replace the old ones. 
Anything needed, including doors and windows, has been made in Charo's workshop.
To make their work easier, and faster, Mama made the decision to buy an £800 table saw/plane.
It took an army of men to carry it upstairs to the workshop,with Papa overseeing the operation. 
It did cost a lot of money, but with the Happy House and our three schools to keep equipped and maintained it will be worth its very heavy weight in gold!