Friday, 6 May 2016

Solar safely lights up lives

 More young people can read in safety, thanks to you.
Our report last week about the scholarship student's narrow escape when, having fallen asleep reading, she knocked over a kerosene lamp.
For families living without any power to their homes, kerosene causes a major fire and health hazard and thousands of the poorest people in Kenya die each year from fires caused by kerosene lights.
Mama Sue decided immediately that all kids in school, who do not have any electricity in their homes, would be given solar-powered lamps which give off enough light for a whole room.
As most families live in one small shared space, this would be adequate for the entire household.
We asked you to help by donating £10 to cover the cost of a light, and so you did.  We have, so far, received enough money to buy 40 lights.
And this week they have been handed out to students.
"They just couldn't believe it," said Mama Sue "what a difference these lights will make to these kids who want to be able to read and study when they are at home.
"Some kids, although living in poverty, are with a parent or guardian in a rented room and they do have one electric light, so they don't need these torches.
"We are so grateful to everyone who has donated. You are lighting up lives with your kindness."
We are still in the process of finding out how many more children need a solar light plus would also like to have some in stock should they be needed, so if you can help by donating £10 we would be very grateful.
To make a donation online please go to