Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Babies benefit from our stores

With enough babygrows in the storeroom to last us a very long time,  Mama thought it would be nice to take some of them out to new mums who are living on the breadline.
She and Uncle Billy called into the baby unit Malindi Hospital .
Mary the head nurse was thrilled and immediately started giving them out to the mums who were in the waiting area. 
Mums who are exttremely poor come  to the hospital and wait , often for a very long time,  to see a doctor unable to pay a single shilling.
Mama and Uncle Billy also went to Timboni Community Dispensary, where a lot of local women give birth.
Senior nurse Christine was delighted with the babygrows which she will give out to mums in need.
Everything distributed has been donated by you and will help now new babies in the local community. Mama feels that it is much better in use than being stored away, especially as many of the items have been in store for several years already and are surplus to our needs. 
It was all laundered to freshen it up before going on Mama's delieries!