Thursday, 5 May 2016

Fragrant fun with Mama

A special assembly got the new term off to a good start at Happy House SchooI.

It was also an opportunity to welcome the eight new scholarship kids, awarded places last week, and who now have a world of Happy House opportunity ahead of them,

Mama Sue spoke to all the students reminding them of the importance of good manners and asked them to always remember to use their "nice" words, including please and thank-you.
She also spoke to them about the importance of personal hygiene and gave out the  deodorants bought for the older ones.  
"We had a good laugh over them - asking all the smelly kids to come forward!"  said Sue.
She was also able to give out new school shoes and PE pumps to those scholarship kids who need new ones - much to their excitement.
Headteacher Madam Milka and deputy head Mr Isaac welcome the pupils and staff back ready for a busy and happy term when everyone was urged to work hard and to do their very best.
Wake-up exams started yesterday!