Monday, 16 May 2016

Saturday games

 After a busy two hours of learning and lifeskills, Saturday mornings are being dedicated to fun and games.
Keen to ensure the kids have fun whilst making full use of  resources donated to Happy House, Mama has introduced games from 10am to noon.
All the Happy House kids and scholarship kids come in on Saturdays and from 8am to 10am they will brush up on times tables, spelling, telling the time and extra study plus the usual lideskills.
But now after two hours, they will be recharging their betteries by relaxing with all kinds of games including volleyball, netball, skittles, badminton, cricket, tennis and croquet.
It's also a chance for kids to learn new games with those who already know showing the kids who are new,
Even the little ones, who are free to play all Saturday, joined in with Esther and her little gang having fun with a mini football.
And using all this energy makes them hungry and ready for lunch and they all love Saturday as it is also pizza day!
This time cook Aunty Phillis topped the pizzas with cooked chicken -with  the meat coming from birds reared by our secondary school agricultural class,