Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The name says it all

We always say the Happy House is what it says on the gates - a happy house, full of happy kids.
And a party of visitors from Nairobi agreed that it was very aptly named.
They were members of the Association of Charitable Children's Institutions in Kenya.
The Happy House had been suggested to by the Children's Department when they had been at the Child Welfare Society,  an organisation which deals with a diverse range of child-focused services.
They were given a tours of Happy House and our school and had plenty of time to meet the kids - and they loved what they saw.
Speaking on behalf of them all, Elizabeth (third from right) said: "Whoever coined the name Happy House was genuinely right because children are evidently Happy!’’
 She added that our children had  invited them for a visit during  weekend for a fellowship session and to come ready for some football, volleyball, netball,  rope skipping  and a dancing competition."
We were delighted to see them and grateful for the food they brought as a gift for our family.