Sunday, 22 May 2016

My friends by Fatuma

Fatuma (l) and Sanita
Happy House kid, Fatuma, is this week's junior blogger:
My name is Fatuma Said. I am 10 years old.
This is a blog about my friends.
My best friends are Jacinta, Mariam and Sanita, We like to play and to do things together.
I also love Charity, Nicolas, Eve, Elizabeth and Abdulmalik. I like to help the small children.
My favourite aunties are Aunty Phillis and Auntie Lydia. We help Auntie Phillis in the kitchen. 
I thank Mama Sue, Papa Dave and Auntie Libby for everything you do for us. You are ptrecious gifts to society. 
Mama Sue, Papa Dave and Auntie Libby you have made us smile.
May God bless you.