Saturday, 7 May 2016

Faith in the future

When Mama Sue first started out on her mission to improve the lives of needy children in Watamu, she helped s little girl called Faith.
Back then Faith was three or four years old and nursery n the school was helping.
Now, all these years on, Faith is giving back to Mama and her charity by volunteering at the Happy House School.
Sue said: "When I first went to SDA in 2000,  Faith was in the nursery school.
"She was one of the first children on our sponsorship scheme and it was Joan and Paul Ottley who sponsored her for nine years, until she left the SDA to go on to secondary school.
" She is now studying at Kenyatta University in Nairobi and wants to be an activist for women’s rights.
" That’s my GIRL POWER! You see, if I get them young enough……..
" Faith is a lovely natured girl. I have often seen her Mum who now works as a waitress at Turtle Bay and she keeps me up to date with Faith, who has often visited us over the years. 
"Faith came this week and while we were chatting  she said she did not go back to university until September and wondered if there was a job here or could she volunteer.
" I said she could volunteer, she was thrilled and told me "I am so happy."
" I asked her the next day if her Mum was pleased she said ‘Oh my Mum scolded me for asking for a job, she said I should have just asked to volunteer!
"Faith has spent some time in the nursery section, lower and upper primary,  plus Form 1 secondary and she would like to work in the secondary school helping to teach History and CRE, " added Mama Sue.
Mama is thrilled to see how well Faith is doing and told her: "You are one of my success stories."
But anyone who has spent time with Mama in Watamu  soon discovers there are many more.Young people who come up to her after all these years to tell her and Papa how well they are doing and wanting to thank them for helping them to make something of their lives.
Maybe it's not just Happy House magic, but Mama's magic too!