Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Bell rings for a new term

 Spotless classrooms will be awaiting Happy House students arriving at school for the start of a new term today.
The heat and dust play havoc with everything, so to ensure all is clean as a new pin,. teachers and our older Happy Kids spent Saturday morning giving everywhere a wash and brush up.
They swept the classrooms, washed the plastic chairs and tables in kindergarten and gave all the cups used for drinking water an extra wash.
It's wonderful to see kids and teachers laughing and joking as they work.
Meanwhile, back at Happy House the eight young people who form our new intake of Dr Danwata Scholarship students arrived to collect their shoes ready for today.
Papa Dave, Mama Sue and Auntie Libby had been to Bata in Malindi to collect 76 pairs of shoes needed by Happy House and scholarship kids for the new term!
For these eight new kids, they are most likely their first ever new school shoes.
Now, with two sets of uniform, leather shoes and PE shoes, they are all set to join our school.
Imagine how they must be feeling, excited and nervous, as they step into a new world where they have all they need to learn and succeed.
No longer do they have the worry of being sent home and staying home because there was no money to pay teachers, 
With the burden of one child's education lifted from their shoulder, parents can concentrate on making a living to house and feed them and to put their other kids in school.
How special it is for these scholarship kids, and their families.  How proud they are.Now they just have to work hard and make their Mama Sue proud too,
Please help us to secure their education by sponsoring a scholarship student and giving a child a chance.
To find out more please email: elizabethgomm@childrenofwatamu.net