Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Pick up a postcard ...and post a smile!

Brian, Charity and Said
 Now that summer is on the way, so is the holiday season.
And  here's a timely reminder to the lovely friends who are in the sponsor families of of our kids.
Please send your sponsor child a postcard.
Picture postcards of the places you visit open a window on the wider world for our children.
They teach them about other countries, they can marvel over seascapes, landscapes and landmarks - from the ancient ruins of Greece to the bright lights of Blackpool!
Every picture tells a story and fires the imagination.
And then there are the greetings you write, your messages give your child a little snapshot of your life and tell them how much you care.
Neema, Lovinne and Natasha
So please, please, when you go somewhere new or different, for a day trip or longer just take a minute to pick up a postcard.
It's guaranteed to bring a smile!
*Thanks to Angie and Colin Carmon for their cards sent to Natasha and Neema from one of their recent road trips and to Chloe Groves for postcards from her skiing trip sent to Brian, Charity, Said and Lovinne.