Thursday, 19 May 2016

Our first child returns home

Our first Happy House kid, Benedict, has come back home.
Benedict made Happy House history when he was the first child to come into our care in February 2010.
Tragicall his mum had died within a very short time of the death of his dad and Benedict's relative, distraught at this doubel loss, were unable to cope with the demands of a four year old boy.
But they remained in touch and a after a few years they had turned their lives around and his grandparents were able to take him home to live comfortably with them. He remained in Happy House school.
Sadly, his grandad has recently suffered a massive stroke leaving his grandma the sole breadwinner for the family and carer for her husband.
This is causing a huge strain on both the grandma and on Benedict who has been struggling at school.
After talking things over with grandma, Mama has offred to take Benedict back home with our family for a month while their situation is reviewed.
Mama has always promised that the Happy House will always be a home to a child in need for however long they need it, and once again it is a port in a storm at the time of crisis for Ben and his family.
He is secure and happy in the second home he knows so well.
Welcome home Benedict, once a Happy House kid, always a Happy House kid.
*We desperately need sponsors for children living in our family and those, from abject poverty, who are on free place scholarships in our school.  £20 a month will help to make our vital work possible.  Please CAN you help? Contact: