Saturday, 28 May 2016

Surprise visit, birthday kids and crafty date

 There was a surprise visit for Margaret when Mama came to call. 
Happy House kid Margaret went back to live with her uncle and aunt in the Christmas holidays and has settled happily.
She was thrilled to see Mama and to tell her all her news. 
Mama took a bag of secondhand clothing from our store which Margaret's headteacher will distribute to those children in most need.
Margaret  takes her KCPE exam in November, and her new head says he is expecting her to achieve a good result as she is in the top three in her class.
She also continues to do well at sport, just as she did at Happy House.
Mama and Billy also called in to see Teddy and Saul, two little boys who had such a sad time when they were in the care of their mum and were taken into care of our family.
They are now back with their dad, who lives close to his sister and his mum who care for the boys when he is at work.
Uncle Billy with Teddy and Saul
Like Margaret they are well, happy and growing!

Crafty ladies 

Barbara Hall and her friend Anne Harvey will be having a craft stall at a fair at the Kigrimol Centre, Leach Lane, St Annes, Lancs, tomorrow from 10am. Please pop in and support them as every penny they raise will come to Happy House. Thank you ladies.

Birthday children

There were three birthdays to celebrate this week, with gifts presented to each of the children at Kidz Club.
Jacinta is nine, Husna is 10 and little Elizabeth Anne is one!
Happy birthday to you all.