Monday, 30 May 2016

Happy times ahead for our seven new arrivals

Mama with Baraka, Gift, Tumaini and their Aunt 
 A childhood free from worry is just beginning for seven children who have found a new home at Happy House.
Their arrival at the end of last week, follows that of the three boys  who had come to us a few days earlier.
Christine who runs Timboni Dispensary alerted  Mama and Uncle Billy to the plight of twins Tumaini and Gift,12, and their four year old brother, Baraka.
Welcome treat for Moffin, John Daudi and Diana
Their mum died recently and their father, who is in very poor health, is in his family home many miles from Watamu.
The boys have been in the care of their aunt who goes from house to house seeking menial chores, but  economic downturn which has affected the area for the past few years, has  left her  struggling provide for the boys needs – food, clothing, medical care or schooling.
The children, who were unkempt and uncertain of their future, were given a full medical check before being brought home to Happy House to begin a new life and where their auntie can visit whenever she can.
A rescue centre in Mombasa brought another four children to join our family.
John, 14, Diana, 9, and Daudi, five, are siblings but from different fathers.   After the death of their mum, who was mentally ill, they were taken into the care of their grandmother who later took ill and died.
They were taken to the rescue centre, which is meant to be a temporary measure, but had been there for more than a year.
Eight year old Moffin, had come to Mombasa from Western Kenya after the death of his mother and his twin sister had died of neglect from their alcoholic father,
Hello to Gift, Tumaini and Baraka
He was taken in by relatives in Mombasa but he was treated badly and Moffin was living on the streets when he was rescued.
Like all new arrivals they were given a warm welcome from all the family, and found plenty of young volunteers eager to show them around and to make them feel at home.
PLEASE can you sponsor a Happy House child? We are desperate for sponsors for children living in our care at Happy House and also for those kids, from abject poverty, who are on free place scholarships in our school.  £20 a month (that approx 65p a day) will sponsor a child and change their life, and your own, for ever. Please email for details
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Crafty cash

Thank you to Barbara Hall and Anne Harvey for raising £60 for Happy House with the sale of their handmade crafts at a table top sale at the Kilgrimol Centre, St Annes, Lancashire, on Saturday.