Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Going home a "dad"

Simon Brazier who visited earlier in the week has been back to the Happy House with Mark Snelling and Hugh Nimme-Smith who are also here on an extreme fitness course.
They spent a morning in school with our kids and were just bowled over by how bright and eager to learn our children are.
Simon, from Richmond, Surrey, Mark, from Amsterdam and Hiugh, from London,  made instant friends with all our kids, even our babies, who love to meet new people.
It is good for them too, they learn new things, have a wider window on the world, and with three extra classroom assistants for the morning our teachers were able to spend more time with each child. 
The guys just slotted in wherever they were put and thoroughly enjoyed the time they had with our family. Simon also told us that he and his wife would like to sponsor two children and they were put into the sponsor families of Hope and Samson. He was so pleased to know immediately so that he had a chance to get know the children a little and to photograph, and be photographed with Samson and Hope, who are sure to play a special part in his life.
It will be special for Hope and Samson too who will have copies of the pictures to store away safely in their memory boxes and will look forward to emails and letters from Simon. 
Simon said: "I have an amazing two visits. Well done to Sue and all of the team.
"I am leaving a proud Happy House father of two!"