Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Another Mad Monday

What a start to the week.  Mad Monday lived up to all our expectations and was even more busy than usual.
The heavy rain, which has lasted for two days now, and the huge puddles put the baby banda off limits so the babies were enjoying their activities in the house. The school children coming down into the family room for breaks and lunch. 
The time just flew by, Sue was here, there and everywhere - one meeting after another.
She can keep so many balls in the air at one time she could have a career in a circus … sometimes she may even think she does!
I was just as busy and just about to go to take five minutes to say hello to the babies when, a tuktuk comes through the gate.
"Libz, shouts Sue. VISITORS!"
That's my cue to get into tour guide mode. Simple … until you encounter a language barrier.
This was an Italian couple with just a little English. But how nice they were. As I tried so hard to explain our work as we walked round the Happy House, they were trying so to understand and to use what little English they knew.
There was no doubt that they loved what they saw and we hope they'll find time to come us again before they leave.