Thursday, 13 October 2011

Comedy capers

Watch out Kenya, there's a hot new busking duo ready to take the streets by storm!
Mama Sue and Uncle Billy were in Malindi to take  Francis, who has a broken arm, back to the hospital so while they were there called into a music shop to see if there was a guitar in stock.
Beccy Jones, who sponsors Hope and Ushindi, has kindly donated the money needed to buy one for the school.
They had just what Sue was looking but instead of taking it boxed  Billy asked her not to wrap it as  Mama would be strumming..
"You play?" Sue was asked "Yes," she said. 
"We earn money in the streets of Malindi, I play and he dances!"
"Aah" said the assistant without so much as batting an eyelid.
They were still laughing 20 minutes later when they arrived back at the Happy House, and treated the kids, having lunch in the banda, to a glimpse of their previously hidden talents, before heading into the office to give an encore to Rose and I.
We've tried pretty well everything to raise funds for the Happy House up to now,but busking in Malindi is a new one.
"If that goes well we could try Mombasa!" giggles Sue, ever the optimist.
I'm not sure the world is quite ready for this one yet!