Thursday, 6 October 2011

Purr-fect pet

Meet Happy the Happy House cat.
She's a sweet little thing, given to us by a local bar, to help keep any unwanted rodents at bay.
Happy is just about three months old which means we will have to pay to have her spayed and we don't want her to have litter after litter of kittens as most female cats here do.
She spends a lot of time chancing her paw around the outdoor kitchen,  but is already obedient and doesn't go near the food.
The kids love Happy and, as you can see, they make a huge fuss of her.
When they are all in school, her favourite sport is chasing geckoes and  when she's had enough of that, she lies on the back step sunning herself.
In fact she has a near purr-fect life!
*Happy is pictured with Fatuma, John, Oscar and Mariam.