Monday, 3 October 2011

Lazy Sunday

Sunday is a family time for our children.
In the morning the girls, who have washed their hair on Saturday, have it braided. It can take a some time, and be a bit painful, so they may have a little done at a time. 
The finished result is that they all look amazing. We have such beautiful children.
When we popped in yesterday, the mums were busy with the girls' hair, the boys playing kick about (Musyoka had made a football from bits of plastic he had found), and the babies were doing their own thing. 
It's so important for the toddlers to have some adventures to be able to explore the grounds and discover new sounds, sights and textures and much more.
Life is a voyage of discovery and we must open their eyes, from a very young age, to the exciting world that is awaiting them.
Evans and Sifa were helping gardener Chris to plant cabbages in the greenhouse when we called in. 
Rukia became my personal hairdresser, brushing my hair, fascinated by its colour and texture. 
"If I go to England my hair will become like this?" she asked.
I explained how Europeans and Africans have different skin tone and hair texture and she was soaking up all the information like a little sponge.
Oscar came up to me smiling a broad grin - he lost a top front tooth and wanted to show me the gap. It took me right back to the times when my boys were small and wobbling their baby teeth!
Sue , meanwhile, was looking through the older ones homework books. They delight in showing their mama how they are doing and taking her advice when needed.
I love being with our children any time, but it is extra special when you know you have time just to let them come to you.
Pendo, my sponsor child, understands that we are special to each other. She rarely talks to me.  Every time I see her she will come up alongside me, her face so serious, and takes my hand, nestling in close to me.
Her simple gestures, full of love, innocence and trust, mean the world to me.