Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Postman Papa

It was Papa Dave's turn for the Post Office call… something Mama Sue and Rose take great pains to avoid, sending Billy, Isaac or Dave instead.
It's a slow process and can take up to an hour to check if there are any parcels so nobody really wants to do it, but Papa never complains and is willing to do anything to help out wherever needed.
We were all amazed when Papa arrived back within half an hour laden with parcels so kindly sent from our friends around the world.
That Yorkshire charm must have been at work  for him to have been there and back in record time!
We must say a huge thank to all of those who are sending letters and gifts for the kids, many of the things are being put away for Christmas.
Thanks to Beccy Jones, who sponsors Hope and Ushindi, in New Zealand and to Christina Young in the UK, who is in baby David's sponsor family, for also sending calcium powder (pictured with Brian) and syrup.
The parcels also contained educational aids and seeds. Gardener Chris was thrilled to bits. He is puzzled by some of the veg he is growing and Sue has promised to cook some beetroot so he can get a taste.