Saturday, 1 October 2011

Getting the best for baby

Now nine months old our little David's health is still a worry.
He's hungry, eats well, but just doesn't gain as much weigh as he should be doing.
He was a premature baby, abandoned at birth by his HIV positive mum, so it may just be that he's going to take bit longer to catch up. As he you know he's been given the all clear for HIV, thank God,  but if he does have a problem in another area we really want to find out what it is and what treatment, if any, it needs. 
Our paediatrician requested wee and poo samples for testing (thankfully it wasn't my job to collect those!) and also wants a chest x-ray.  I went with Billy to take David to the private hospital in Malindi for that.
It was an extremely hot day but, thankfully, we were not kept waiting for long.
David was such a perfect little patient and not fazed in the slightest by all the machinery and people around him.
He was taking it all in and smiling as I stripped him down to vest and nappy.
And as soon as it was over, he got his reward - a very welcome bottle of milk.
Nurse Agnes Crighton (pictured with husband Brian, Harry and David), who has spent two weeks here with her husband Brian, and goes home today has made some suggestions which we are following up on.  She has experience of working in special care baby units and extensive knowledge of problems prem babies may encounter.
She and Brian sponsor Harry and have enjoyed spending time with him. Their niece, Rachel, sponsors David.
We will explore all avenues, even though our instincts tell us that he will suddenly turn a corner, just like Harry did, and will let you know the outcome.