Friday, 30 September 2011

Fw: Making music

Here comes the music man … and his name is Mr Charles!
Earlier this week we were discussing how we must employ a properly qualified primary teacher, who can also teach music or computers, to work in the nursery school and the first primary classes which will be opening soon.
Anyone so qualified his hard to find in this area and Sue and I knew that even to hope we would find someone who could teach both music AND computers would be an unattainable dream.
Not so. As I have seen happen so often with the Happy House, we have an idea, word goes out and the very first person who comes along is exactly right for the job. 
That old Happy House magic , with some divine intervention maybe, works in such mysterious ways.
Mr Charles presented himself for interview yesterday morning. Thanks to Kevin at Primavolta Music school, in Blackpool, we already had questions which would indcate to us his skills when it comes to teaching music and taking it into other subject areas too.
Mr Charles' main instruments are piano, clarinet and voice. He can also teach guitar to the level which we would require and  is fully able to teach computer at nursery and primary level.
He performed exceptionally well in an impromptu music class.
Now we need more resources for him. First music books for children (he teaces up to Grade 8 to internationally recognised standards similar to our own) and more musical instruments. We would love a guitar ( but because of transportation difficulties would probably need to buy it here) plus more recorders  and other wind and percussion instruments instruments. So any help would be much appreciated, as always.
He is so eager to start and will be with us on Monday.  Then the Happy House will be even more like an African Von Trapp family… alive to the Sound of Music!