Friday, 16 September 2011

Doing well

As you know our baby David, who was born prematurely,  has been a cause of concern but he's making progress.
His chest infection has now cleared up, he's taking calcium strengthen his bones as he was showing early signs of rickets.
The housemums are doing regular exercises with him, as were advised and which were so successful with our little miracle Harry who was also very prem.
Sue is also ensuring that he gets the best nourishment by buying Cow&Gate NurtiPrem, a special formula to help build him up. It's much more expensive than usual formula milk but our children's health is our priority.
Weak bones are a legacy of malnutrition and we need to build strong skeletons while we can. We are so grateful to those of you who have promised to send calcium for our children and to David's sponsors who show such an interest in him and his progress.
It's so special to be surrounded by such love and kindness.
* This picture of baby David was taken by Uncle Billy yesterday. He says: "He was just having his lunch at the time!"
Suffolk event
Steve and Kate Robbins from Debenham, a small village near Ipswich, Suffolk, have recently visited the Happy House and liked what they saw.
They were so impressed with the way the Happy House is run now and with our plans for the future that they are helping to raise both funds and awareness.
They have very kindly organised a coffee morning at Dove Cottage, Debenham, on Saturday, October 8.
Writing to Sue they say: "We thought you'd like to know we haven't forgotten you after our visit and are writing to Elizabeth as we would be grateful for flyers and brochures regarding Happy House so we can distribute to those who attend the sale and to tell them more and even attract further support. "
So if you are anywhere near Debenham, please pop along on the 8th to support this fundraiser.
And a special thank you to Steve and Kate from all our family, we look forward to hearing how your event goes.