Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Another busy day

It's Tuesday and we've just arrived at the Happy House. The babies are having breakfast in the banda and upstairs, in nursery school, I can hear the children singing at morning assembly.
It's just after eight and the day is already in full swing. I'm trying to get this written and posted before our first set of visitors arrive at 9am.
Anthony Stephen, who I have been in touch with by email in the UK, is staying at a hotel nearby and has very kindly brought over some of the vitamins I still needed to get here.
Yesterday was busy, Jackie Fineman and Emma had a lovely morning helping in school and Agnes and Brian Crighton went along with Billy to take David to see the paediatrician.
Agnes has worked as a paediatric nurse and after hearing about David's problems wondered if he may have a food intolerance. He is now to have further tests to try to establish why he is not developing as fast as he should be.
More parcels arrived for our children, new clothes and other things which are being put into Santa's store cupboard ready for Christmas when we hope each child will be able to have a new outfit (top of their wish list) and one other gift.
At the Happy House, time flies. Sue is constantly busy with meetings, administration, sorting out problems and dealing with whatever crisis may crop up during the day - an inevitability in a family as large as ours.
Another visitor Simon Brazier, from Richmond, was so impressed with all we are doing that he will be back on Friday to help in school. He commented on how smoothly it all ran here and how happy and bright our children are ….and on their very neat handwriting too!