Saturday, 10 September 2011

Concern for David

Worried about how baby David has not yet reached some of his developmental milestones, and also showing signs of a chest infection, Mama Sue took him to straight to see a private specialist paediatrician in Malindi.
Sue explains: " David was born last December so he should be sitting up and holding his head up,as he was eight weeks prem we expect some delay.
The  paedriatrican was not too worried as he is feeding well, we get him special Cow & Gate prem baby food and he loves it.
She does think, however, that he has has the early signs of rickets, so has given him some extra calcium syrup. His blood count was also low. 
We have antibiotic syrup for his chest and have an appointment to take him back to see her.
He is such a good baby, he will catch up, Our Miracle Harry did. "
We have appealed for calcium supplements and syrup before, but this really highlights the importance of it once again.
We little medical history for many of our children, none for abandoned babies like David, so there is little indication of the health of his parents or of any possible inherited condition, which means we, as a family, must always be on the alert for any possible problem.
And as we have said, so many times before, we will never stint on our children's health, however costly.
If you are visiting the Happy House or would like to send a gift, a bottle of calcium syrup would be very welcome. We know our children benefit from it and David, in particular, must have it to ensure he builds strong bones.
Our address is: Sue Hayward's Happy House, PO Box 796, Watamu, Kenya, East Africa,