Thursday, 15 September 2011

Going up!

The groundworks are being put in place for the three greenhouse systems so very kindly donated to us by Carol and Steve Driver and family and just what an asset they will be to growing food for our family as it grows in number and size!
The greenhouse we already have, kindly donated earliert this year, and which has been our prototype, is producing fantastic crops because we can control the conditions and our seedlings are not be burnt to a crisp by the sun.
We have all kinds of things growing from courgettes to cabbages, plus tomatoes, beans and much more.
Dave picked our very first cucumber this week and is pictured here with gardener Chris.
Chris is planting some things he has never heard of so is never sure whether he is doing it right!
But Dave steps in to help ... he's "a country boy" you know.
Sue, however, growing up in Manchester doesn't have much of a clue and has to leave it to the man who knows!