Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Wild about Harry

Agnes and Brian Crighton first saw baby Harry last year when he was such a little dot.
Our miracle boy, found on a rubbish dump, newborn and eight week premature, was then three months old and was so tiny and sleeping so soundly, that  he melted their hearts from the moment they saw him.
Agnes, a nurse, didn't even get a chance to give him a cuddle.
The couple from Perthshire intended their holiday in Kenya to be a "one-off" but,  guess what, the Happy House cast a spell on them and now they are back.
Since becoming members of Harry's sponsor family they have done so much to help us, raising both money and awareness. They have also sent vitamin drops and other things that we need for Harry and our babies and have been so kind.
So it is very special for them to be back at the Happy House to see what a difference a year makes.
Harry is no longer a fragile little mite - the Happy House magic has been working on him too - and he's a big, healthy boy with a captivating smile and eight teeth to show off.
Thank you Agnes and Brian for all you do for us and for coming back to see Harry and all our family.