Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A child's right

All I need is a blue badge and an umbrella, as I am, for now, official tour guide  at the Happy House.
The tourist season is heading towards the busiest time of the year which also, thankfully, brings us many visitors.
And how they love to see what Sue has created here, a real home, family for our children plus an excellent school.
Bryan Nichol (Tyneside), Janice Gillespie (Edinburgh), Jenny Emms (Kent) and Anthony Stephen (Liverpool) were first to arrive and thoroughly enjoyed looking around and meeting our children.
Christina Kamester and Samy Kamel, from Northolt,  arrived soon after our first party had left and again were delighted with all they saw.
People are amazed and delighted at the very high standards we are providing here for our family, unlike anything they expect to see in an African orphanage.
Sue's intention has always been to raise the bar, to show how it can and should be done.
We cannot cut corners or compromise on a child's life.
All we are doing is giving our children, who have experienced the worst kind of hardship or neglect, what every parent should want for their offspring and what every child, world over, is entitled to… a happy childhood.