Saturday, 24 September 2011

Magic moments

I feel at home the minute I arrive on Kenyan soil - the sounds, the scents, the spirit and the people of this incredible country have become integral to my life.
But it is our Happy House family that draws back time and time again… it has a piece of my heart which is the magnet that draws me back.
Coming back to this, my second home,  is always so special that I think it can't get and better. But it can. And yesterday, it did.
First a joyful and surprise reunion with Sue at the airport…she had told me she was sending driver, not that she was coming too.
We talked non-stop for the 90 minute ride to back to Watamu, my heart beating faster with every mile.
She called Rose when we were a few minutes away, and as we drove through the gates there was our family, all the children waving Kenyan flags they'd made themselves and singing Welcome, welcome at the top of their little voices.
Every little face beamed up at me with such love and affection as they clamoured to greet me, to be picked up or hugged.
Harry, our own Happy House miracle, grinned as Sue passed him to me. His dimples ever more delicious, strong, healthy and very heavy!
My  Pendo, my very special and much loved sponsor child, stood silently, wearing solemn expression, as if waiting to see if I would spot her. Which of course I had from the minute I arrived.
She's only four and can't understand what sponsorship means, but she does know that I have a role to play in her life.  She doesn't hold back as I reach down to pick her up and snuggles in close to me. 
Is there anything more precious than being loved and trusted by a small child?
I don't think so. To be trusted and loved by Pendo and all her Happy House "brothers and sisters" makes me feel truly blessed.
It is their love and trust, their total innocence, and their right to a happy childhood,  which is  my driving force.
They are the reason why I will work as hard as I can to raise money and awareness , moving heaven and earth if I have to, ensure that my dear friends, their Mama Sue and Papa Dave, who founded our charity and created this wonderful family, will have all they need to take it forward.