Friday, 9 September 2011

Birthday time

Three children celebrated their birthdays at Kidz Klub this week - Janet, Sifa and Fikiri.
Papa Dave did the honours, presenting each of them with a birthday gift from all the family.
We know that some of you may be a little confused about your sponsored child's birthday, when it's popped up on here at a totally different time from the date you may have received on the original profile.
We are so sorry if this does happen the date given to you was given in good faith but, as we have since discovered, determining a child's real birth date can be far from straightforward and can take many, many months of investigation.
Sue explains: "When a lot of the children first came home to the Happy House their details were very mixed up. Sometimes they were brought by the Children's Office who had rescued them from the most awful conditions.
" Some were brought by a relative who didn't know when the child was born, sometimes,not even the year. Billy, our very hard working social worker, who most of you have already had contact with has working very hard for the past 16 months he has been at home with us to sort out all the details of each child.
"He has had to trace death certificates of parents or grandparents, if they were the last people to be caring for the child. The most difficult job has been to obtain birth certificates for each child. Some of the births were registered but some were not, so it is a long and lengthy process to bring every child's file up to date with the correct information.
"If we gave you a birthday date for your child that we now find to be incorrect we are so sorry.
"Some of you, I know, feel disappointed to have missed your child's birthday, please don't be, feel free to send just a general card or letter, or even a postcard of where you live just to say Hi.
" Every child's birthday is celebrated here at the Happy House on Tuesday's at Kidz Klub, none of our children has missed out on their own birthday celebration.
"We are so grateful to you and it is your generosity and your sponsorship that makes out job here possible.
Vintage delight
Tomorrow Elizabeth Gomm and Lynn McCluskey will be spreading the Happy House word with an information stand at Dotty D Lightful's Truly Scrumptious Vintage and Handmade Craft Fair at Claremont Community Centre (the old library), Claremont Road, North Shore, Blackpool, FY1 2QJ, from 1.30pm-5.30pm. Dotty has booked lots of great stalls so some along and start your Christmas shopping with some unique and special gifts.