Tuesday, 14 March 2017

We left a part of our hearts at Happy House

Life changed for Basak Gunaydin  when she made a trip to Kenya 12 years ago.
A busy corporate executive from New York, her vist had such a profound effect on her that it lead her to search her soul, change direction, and become a teacher of therapeutic yoga and meditation.
In the process she is helping to guide her students towards finding fulfilment in their own lives.
She recently brought one of her own dreams come true by coming back to Kenya, this time with a party of her students.
They were staying at the luxury retreat, Watamu Treehouse, and as we reported a couple of weeks ago they came to visit our family and to show our children some yoga - which they loved!.
Now back in the USA Basak has written to Mama Sue.
" It was wonderful meeting you and Happy House family during our yoga retreat .
It was a dream of mine to get back to Kenya and  to bring my students to have the heart opening experience I had when I was there 12 years ago, 
Our visit had such effect on everyone and we  all left a part of our hearts in Happy House.
 I congratulate you and your husband for who you are to these kids and how you opened your hearts to them. 
It is so apparent.
These kids are so lucky when we see the others living in their homes but with no prospect of going  to school or pursuing their dreams..
Thank you for this opportunity, thank you for caring so "
Our thanks to you Basak and we have great pleasure in welcoming you to our family as a child a sponsor.