Monday, 27 March 2017

Neema comes back home

We have had huge success in reuniting children in our care, some for up to six years, with relatives who are now able to give them a home.
We do not only support their education and healthcare, we are also tenacious in monitoring the progress of each and every one,
Following up each child, with home and school calls and visits, ensures Mama and her team know exactly how each child is doing at any given time.
It's not a case of settling school fees and medical costs, it is much more. To Mama it is about the whole child and how they are.
Margaret, who went to live with an Uncle and Aunt more than an year ago, to be joined later by her little sister Neema, has now moved in with another auntie in Malindi as there was no secondary school nearby.
She is settled, but the auntie didn't have room for Neema too who was struggling..
So Mama felt it was in Neema's best interests to come back to Happy House to be amongst her Happy House "sisters" and "brothers", the little people she had grown up with.
The Uncle and Aunt who had given her a home agreed it would be best for her and
Neema arrived back on Saturday to a big kiss from Mama,.
"She was so happy, she ran off to play as though she had never been away," said Mama.
"Once at Happy House kid ..."