Sunday, 26 March 2017

A golden chance, by Moses

Moses and his brothers have received an extra helping of our Happy House magic this week, as Mama has helped them move into a new and more secure home.
As reported on yesterday's blog she has also given his eldest brother a job to help him to provide for his two younger siblings.
Moses, who has great academic ability  has been on our scholarship scheme since 2915. He passed his KCPE with flying colours and is now in Form 2 of our Secondary School. He is grateful to be regarded as a member of our family.
He writes:
What a golden chance it is to be a member of the Happy House family.
It is a place where children who had no hope nor education are being given  a bright future with hope and with goals they can strive to attain.Led by our kindly Mama Sue and Papa Dave we are being provided with all the encouragement and teaching to help us reach our goals.
They do whatever is needed to make our lives good,
At Happy House school we have breakfast club which feeds us good food to give us strength so as to perform  well in class.
Also at our school there are the best teachers ever!After doing an exam in school  Mama Sue talks to us in an  an academic clinic and emphasises the importance of working hard.

She cares how we are doing at home when not in school.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mama Sue, sponors and and everyone who
does all they can to make sure that this scholarship scheme continues and for giving us this wonderful opportunity to make our life bright.