Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Pulling out the stops for Happy house

It was in the summer of 2010, a few months after the Happy House opened that  Lesley and Alan Pidcock visited for the first time, along with their daughter Kathryn.
Since that time, they have been wonderful friends to our family - sponsoring Janet, Natasha Thoya, who is now reunited with her mum, and latterly Priscilla.
They have also supported Happy House  events and, when living in the UK, Lesley much to raise money including asking for donations instead of gifts for her 50th birthday.
Being a part of the Happy House family has brought them lasting friendships.
Lesley and Alan, who live in Saudi Arabia where Alan works, are making their first visit back in a couple of weeks time and looking forward to seeing  for themselves how the Happy House has grown and developed.
And determined to help as much as they can, they are fundraising in Saudi -   raising the equivalent of approximately £1440 so far, with the main event still to come.
Thrilled with the support she is receiving, Lesley has sent this update:
"It has been a busy week.
On Tuesday I went to speak to the Mums and Tots group who are keen to arrange a little sponsored toddle for the little ones, 
 On Wednesday, I met with the children of the youth club who are very keen to take part in a sponsored carry a bucket of water race. 
I have had a number of donations , 2070 SAR from various colleagues and friends who will not be around on our fun day
 A friend of mine left here last week and left me boxes of bric-a-brac to sell for the charity, I had my first sale on Friday and another 725 SAR was donated with more sales to come this week.
The biggest donation so far has come from a social event held on Friday night, where Pete Travis was the auctioneer of return airfare to the UK this ticket raised a total of 3,900SAR .
In the picture  are Ben Boyd (the donor), myself and Pete Travis.
Things we have planned for this week - Saturday's fun day with stalls, raffle, music; the youth club's sponsored walk and soak an exec where the managers are going to be auctioned off to go in the stocks and have wet sponges thrown at them.
I have been so overwhelmed by the kind generosity of everyone and the support from the management, our friends, work colleagues and neighbours." 
Well done Lesley, your hard work is certainly paying dividends for our Happy House family. Thank you and all those who are backing your efforts..